Structure and qualify your information database to optimise your sales

Statistical methods and the analysis of marketing data play an important role in market development today. They provide an objective basis for forecasting, managing and making rational and reliable decisions. Focus on marketing data analysis ! DigitWace LLCprovides you with algorithms or spreadsheets to process any type of marketing information and to produce dynamic Dashboards for advanced decision making

Big data: data analysis to conquer new markets

the The information processed enables companies to gain strategic advantages by taking more data into account. Many companies are sitting on a gold mine that cannot be missed. The explosion in the volume of data generated around the world is fuelling a rich source of what we believe to be high value creation. The challenge for all sectors is to analyze this incessant flow.

A game-changing technological and social revolution

We have identified several profiles of economic players who have all understood that the technological and social revolution generated by the advent of Big Data opens up the field of possibilities. Some collect data and make them available (infrastructures), others publish software and enable their study (Analytics), while a third typology of companies groups together non-technological companies that have already transposed the use of Big Data into their main activity in order to gain a competitive advantage and create value (data users).